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4 Low Cost Ideas to Stay Organized Around the House

December 6, 2022

Guest Author: Leslie Campos

When you’re juggling work and family, staying organized can quickly become a challenge. But
how do you devise a great organizational system and stay on budget? Here are tips and tricks
to corral the chaos without breaking the bank:

Scan Important Documents
If you work from home, keeping things in their proper place becomes even more of a necessity.
Client files, financial reports, and business formation documents should be properly stored for
easy retrieval. So start by shredding or properly disposing of any unnecessary papers, letters,
and mailers. Then, scan and save important files and records on your computer. Do the same
with your children’s medical records and school records, and use an online PDF merging tool to
combine multiple files into one. You’ll be able to share information faster if you need to send it
via email, and you’ll always have it available on your computer or mobile device.

Measure Twice, Buy Once
Before you go shopping for a new filing cabinet, bookcases, or storage solutions for your home,
take time to evaluate your space and see if you can repurpose furniture, you already own
instead of buying new pieces. If you have open shelves, use storage bins to organize your kids’
toys, art supplies, and seasonal items. Take time to declutter before bringing any new pieces
into your home, and carefully measure the space you have to make sure your new storage
solutions will fit without making the room feel cramped. You may be pleasantly surprised and
realize you don’t need as much storage as you thought and cleared out!

Plan Your Meals Ahead
When the whole family is busy with work, school, and other activities Monday through Friday,
planning and prepping nutritious dinners over the weekend may help you feel more organized
and ready to tackle the week ahead. When planning meals, start by taking stock of what you
have in your fridge and pantry, keeping an eye on expiration dates to avoid wasting food. Once
at the grocery store, look for fruits and vegetables that are in season, and check out the sales
on meats, dairy, and other staples. Create your menu for the week ahead, prepare what can be
done beforehand (roast a whole chicken or cook a batch of grains, for example), then portion it
out into containers until you’re ready to serve it to your crew.

Share a Family Calendar
Don’t miss a sports practice or a school event anymore by using a family calendar app. Get
every member of the family to download it on their smart devices, then type in and share
important information such as dental appointments, project deadlines, and school trips.

Color code your calendar app by family member and by type of activity, and set reminders to help you keep track of times and dates. You can also go low-tech with a large wall calendar hung in a central room of the house, like the kitchen. Keep a small stationary set next to it and stock it with colorful sticky notes, highlighters and markers so that your kids and spouse can jot down their to-dos and keep the whole family in the know. Keep your house organized by keeping up with your filing system, and don’t let clutter take hold of your space. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to straighten up your office, kitchen,
and playroom, and don’t put it off until the weekend: save those two days for family fun!


Guest Author Leslie Campos: A busy parent of three children, Ms. Campos understands the pressure and challenges working moms and dads face. When she’s not working or running her children to various after-school activities, Ms. Campos loves to practice yoga, CrossFit, and watching The Great British Baking Show.”