About Erin

Welcome to “Busy and Baby”! Trying to balance work and mama life with new babies? Trying to bridge the gap between being “successful” professionally and being a “successful” mom? This is the place for you!

About the Author I’m Erin B., the creator behind Busy and Baby. I’m a new blogger, soon-to-be mama of twins, and a career woman.  I’m 30, recently married, living in a small New Jersey suburb outside of Philadelphia, and trying to strike up a balance between my mom-to-be life and my career as a PhD Analytical Chemist.

Interested in more? I’m also a lover of coffee, saving time, saving money, all things Harry Potter, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

About the Blog Busy and Baby is a blog for the working woman who spends her 9-5 outside of the household but comes home to spouses, babies, and everything that comes with running a home and being a parent. It’s for the woman looking for solace in a world that isn’t catered to your lifestyle, escape from the “mom shame” that plagues the internet, and insightful tricks and tips for that work-life balance we’re all trying to achieve. I started this blog for the same reason you found it: a need for insight and support from other women who worked hard for their careers and aren’t able (mentally or financially) to put them aside for children. I don’t have all the answers, but I hope we can go on this journey together!

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